Behold, a new print!  Would you like to see this on a t-shirt, totebag, or wallet?

I got to meet ReuS, who is a local artist near where I live at the Sakura Matsuri festival in D.C. today.  Got a signed copy of ThunderKid, read the whole volume in one sitting, and absolutely fell in love.  ReuS’s style is reminiscent of the Sailor Moon manga, so I wasn’t surprised to see on his website that one of his number-one inspirations is Naoko Takeuchi’s work.  I believe Thunderkid is ReuS’s debut manga, and it’s so exciting to see his style and characters really begin to develop and take on a life their own as the chapters fly by.  Thunderkid was designed specifically to appeal to a wide range of audiences (from the youngest of readers to adults), and I think ReuS is quite successful in doing just that.  If you’re a fan of supporting local artists and new authors, if you love shoujo manga that’s been inspired by Sailor Moon, or if you’re looking for a manga that’s fun to read for the whole family, then I definitely recommend reading Thunderkid and keeping an eye out for future works by ReuS, who I believe is definitely headed places!

I don’t know who made this but I love it!

Thank you! ^__^ Repurposing old coloring books into glittergifs is kinda my thing.  If you wanna know how it’s done, check out my resource/tutorial post.


the glitter gif tag has got to be the weirdest

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My art ♥♥

*__* I now want to own this comfortable, sparkly pink sweater!! <3

I made this and it took forever and its so ugly im sorry

*__* No wayyyy this is seriously adorable!

Hey I just wanted to share with you guys the resources I’ve been using to make these super-fun, ultra-easy glittergifs.  Please feel free to ask me any questions, too. -Nikki :-)

Coloring pages:
Coloring Pages 4 Kids: Hella cool blog, huge collection of coloring books
Anime Oasis - Tons of coloring pages from many anime shows
Tsuki  Matsuri - Over 1,000 high quality Sailor Moon coloring pages
Pic Gifs - Many high quality pages not found elsewhere
SilverStoneX - A little unorganized, but there’s definitely a few gems here
Educational Coloring Pages: Possibly largest collection of many series
Hello Kids: A bit smaller, but it’s certainly worth mentioning, many series

Graphical Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
Official GIMP download - Powerful freeware.  Only download from!

Glittergif Maker
Glitterbase - Easily the best free glitter site out there.  I use this.
Glitter Delight - Free, not bad!  But not many options. - Many options.  You have to pay to remove the watermark.
Picasion - Free, not as easy to use.  Not as many options.
Glitterfy - Free, works for small images.  Kinda spammy…

Glittergif Tutorial
Link to my mini tutorial - Please feel free to ask me anything!

And remember!  Tag your beautiful masterpieces with the phrase, “glittergif,” so we can get a real movement going on!  Plus, it’ll just make it easier for me to find your blog and follow you. ;)

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